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Our services

We offer expert tax advisory services that are customized to the specific needs of our clients. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business model, ensuring that our tax solutions are aligned with your goals and operations. This approach reduces your tax liability, enabling you to optimize your resources and drive growth and innovation.

We are committed to simplifying the tax landscape for our clients. We navigate the complexities of tax regulations with precision and diligence, ensuring that you are compliant and informed without compromising your operational efficiency.


Our goal is to enable you to make sound business decisions without the added stress of taxation. We empower you to achieve your business potential.

Corporate income tax
  • Calculation of corporate income tax and preparation of the tax return

  • Tax audit - analysis of the company's tax situation

  • Tax due diligence

  • Tax assessment of planned transactions

  • Assessment of tax creditability of specific expenses

  • Application of withholding tax

  • Analysis and optimization of structures from a tax point of view

  • Advice on business combinations (M&A)

  • Tax implications of cross-border transactions

  • Transfer pricing - preparation of documentation

  • Representation during the tax audit


Value added tax
  • Assessment of transactions and contracts from the point of view of VAT

  • Cross-border transactions with goods and services

  • Complete management of the VAT agenda: preparation of the VAT return, control report and summary report

  • Representation during the tax audit

  • Registration for VAT - more info

Personal income tax
Cross-border mobility of employees
  • Advice on tax-efficient broadcasting structures

  • Creation and implementation of rules for the international posting of employees guaranteeing compliance with Slovak and international legislation, as well as the effectiveness of the costs incurred

  • Preparation of tax returns and related services for employees posted from Slovakia / to Slovakia, including personal meetings with posted employees, discussions on tax optimization options, hypothetical tax settlement and relevant administration

  • Management of monthly payroll accounting, or the so-called "shadow" monthly accounting of seconded employees

  • Consulting in the field of cross-border posting of employees from the point of view of labor law, accounting and corporate income tax

Social insurance and labor law
  • Consulting in the field of social and health insurance in connection with posted and local employees

  • Assistance with the administration of social and health insurance for employees posted from/to EU and non-EU countries

  • Advice in the field of labor law and travel allowances for posted and local employees

Remuneration and benefits
  • Setting up and implementing remuneration structures that are modern, financially efficient, practical and compliant with legal, tax and accounting regulations

  • Assessment of remuneration and benefit schemes of employers and their potential tax and levy optimization

  • Assistance and advice in setting up and implementing option and stock plans;

  • assistance in the implementation of these plans in Slovak companies according to the relevant Slovak legal, accounting and tax regulations; control of the application of taxes and levies on this income

Representation during the tax audit

Complete representation of the client in the event of a tax audit.

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